Fishing and shooting for a kayak fishing show. Two weeks in Baja, flew into San Diego and drove 14 hour down to La Bocana, then Campo Rene, fishing estuaries. Great fishing and picture taking. Now in La Paz, 5 days of blue water fishing. Shooting for Ascend Kayaks, more pics to follow after I get back. 2014 was a great year, looking forward to 2015!!!HIRES

Tiny juve Lane snapper living in a beer bottle
Had a great weekend up in West palm Beach, go to dive the morning high tide at Blue Heron Bridge, dove the west side, not very many bottom critters but lots of fish, I got this juve Lane snapper peeking out of it’s her bottle home at me.
The Goliath Grouper spawn is just about over, lots of grouper still hanging around, but not many coming in close for photos!!

So I’m not your typical photographer. I did the black and white photography thing in high school, in the darkroom developing film and making prints. I loved it. I was living in Japan in high school and took all kinds of pictures. Of course, college, a career and life got in the way of my passion for pictures, fast forward 35 years and I’m a reitred Marine colonel who didn’t want to go the contractor route. In 2011 I moved to Key West and went to the little college on my post 9/11 GI Bill to get my 6 pack capt’s license and my PADI Scuba instructor certification. I had to take an elective my first year and there was a digital photography class….well it was back on and I was back into taking pics! I shoot a 5dmkiii which is also my underwater camera. I use a nauticam housing with Sea&Sea strobes. I also have a 6d and 7d, becuase I typically keep the 5d in the housing when I’m on a boat to get UW pics and I keep the other two cameras with a grip-n-grin lens for fish pics and a 70mm-200mm for jumping or tailing fish. I seriously the UW shooting, but I do a lot of model shoots and fishing pics. I’ve been at it about 3 years now. I’ve been fortunate to shoot with and learn from some other great photogs. I’m a serious fisherman and diver. I live in Key West, but I travel to fish and dive and take pics. I set this website up to be able to share more pictures, learn from others and like most folks doing photography, eventually make a littel to at least cover some of the cost it takes for all the gear and going palces to take pics. I welcome comments and suggestions, ideas for shoots. I’m in Key West, I have a boat, it’s great for getting in the back country and getting wildlife shots and fishing pics. If you’re a model and want to shoot down here, drop me a note. If you’re another photog and you get down this way and wanna get out and shoot on the water and shoot, let me know. If you need to hire a photographer who can get on or in the water to get you the pictures you need, drop me a note. Most of all I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!